Cephus stamtavle


Shameera litter 2 2011
Breed: Standard Poodle
Color: Silver
12 Gen IC: 5.51125%
Bred by: Tordis Elise Steinsrud
Owned by:  
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Calies Chrome Can Compare, /11/2009, si., IC= 0.00000 Oline Silver Tommy, 04/08/2000, si.vW-DNAclear, S53284/01 HD-A, IC= 0.00000 CH Keja Klassic Lemerle Silk VDH.Ch.De.Ch., 12/11/1996, si., DK19459/97 *B1(A) Am.Ch. Lemerle Travellin`Lite, wh.OFA24G, PP254190/03 A2 Am.Ch. PEPPERTREE PRINCE CHARMING,
Am.Ch. Lemerle Silkience CD,
Can CH Lemerle Fine Silk, si., PP419219/08 Am.Ch. Lemerle Silk Harlequin,
Lemerle Delta Blues,
Oline Silver Madonna, si., DK04974/95 *A1 Am.Ch. Pinafore Prestidigitation (1) D.Ch., 10/07/1992, wh.OFA58G HD-A1, PP353083/02 10-94 Am.Ch. PINAFORE PRESIDENT, 18/08/1981
S?holt Silver Femme Fatale (3), si., DK21059/90*X2 Int CH Signature Silver Landslide, 20/01/1985
S?holt Silver Xat, 29/01/1987
CH Dawin Out of the Shadows, si., IC= 0.00000 Am.Ch. Graphic Smoking Gun at Bibelot, si., Am.Ch. Graphic Prophecy, si., AKCPP62710103 Multi.Ch. Blacktie Slvrngent Dayspring, 11/12/1995
Am.Ch. Graphic Winterstorm,
Am.Ch. Graphic Summersmoke, 20/08/1999, blue.hips-fair, PP60029001 Am.Ch. GRAPHIC CONTRABAND, 02/11/1989
Am.Ch. Graphic Sauvie Quicksilver, 07/05/1996
Am.Ch. Lemerle Dawin Silken Shadows, si., AKC1084559 Int CH Graphic Metalica Am.Ch., 21/07/1993, si.hips-excellent, PP392886/05 Am.Ch. PINAFORE PROSPECTER ?|,
Am.Ch. Pinafore Surprise Package, 12/01/1991
Lemerle Soft as Silk, si., AKCPP64083208 Am&CanCH Lemerle Silk Comedian of Keja |?Ad-|?SA, 04/07/1997
Am.Ch. Lemerle Indian Silk,
Nemi Nayrilla Avrina Til Shameera, 01/06/2007, si., N15811/07 "Sherpa", IC= 0.00000 Art Attack Scale of Ten, si., S22778/2006H:A A:A, IC= 0.00000 CH Avonti Alluring Whisper Nord.Ch., 03/10/1999, wh., S15525/2000H:A,A:A Aust.Ch. Picardy Step Aside Boys, wh., ANKC2100026969 Am.Ch. Lake-Cove That`s my Boy,
CH Lake-Cove All American Girl,
CH Aultone Breathtaking Iam Au.GrandCh., wh., ANkc1522567 Aust.Ch. Troymere Kingston Town,
Aust.Ch. Gayela Shower O Stars,
Nice and Noble v Strahlenden Sternchen, si. estonian w-06, S61774/2004 CH Pinafore Superman VDH.Ch., 16/08/1998, si., PP565063/03 Banners Silver Bullet,
Landmark Silver Whisper of Kava,
Flash of Lightning Power Lady, 24/09/1998, wh., Whisperwind Jordan Flash of Lightening,
Flash of Lightning Arrogant Affair,
Fazilka Fleur Avrina, 18/06/2004, si., N18297/2007, IC= 0.00000 Matisse S32643/2001*, si., Dk.Ch. Astrix of Marion's Purple House, si., S12345/2000 Am&CanCH Lemerle Silk Comedian of Keja |?Ad-|?SA, 04/07/1997
Multi.Ch. Lemerle Pure and Fine Silk |?, 07/09/1995
Calies Codacchrome Caliber, 15/10/1998, si., S53289/98* Donnchada Primetime (1), 05/03/1996
Guldtackans Silver Return Calie's (1), 15/09/1994
Guldtackans Nicknamed Silver (1), 17/08/1997, si., S51043/97* Guldtackans Silver Illusion, 14/04/1993, si., S55726/93 EUW-99 Fin.Ch. Whoops Panda Power,
Guldtackans Effulgent Silver, si., S49400/92* Astarte Handsome Humphrey, 30/12/1988
S?holt White Miss Elaine, 19/07/1993

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